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Research Fellow (.5 fte)

Hiring Organization:

University of Portsmouth

Date Posted:

Position Description:
The Centre for the Study of Emotion, Psychology Department, University of Portsmouth, UK seeks to hire a Post-doctoral Research Fellow to work on FEELIX GROWING, a newly funded European grant,. The Portsmouth portion of the collaboration focuses on the roles played by emotion in the development of social referencing, of joint attention, and of attachment relationships.

The position is for 36 months, half-time (starting salary GBP14,000-15,000), and duties include developing a set of scenarios, methods, and evaluation metrics for key problems in socio-emotional development, working collaboratively with Dr. Bard, European, and International scientists, conducting studies in human and chimpanzees, and writing.

The ideal candidate will have a PhD in Developmental Psychology, with a research focus on emotion and infancy. Knowledge of FACS, ChimpFACS, or BabyFACS, and chimpanzee behaviour would be an advantage.

The post is for 36 months with half-time salary of GBP 14,000 to 15,000

Term of Appointment:
36 months, fixed term contract, half-time

Application Deadline:
Applications due by 26th January 2007, interviews 16 Feb 2007

Please note that only names of referees are required at application. Reference letters will be required prior to interview (~16th February 2007) only for short-listed candidates.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Bard for further information

Contact Information:
Dr. Kim A. Bard
Psychology- King Henry Building
Portsmouth PO1 2DY
United Kingdom

Telephone Number:
+44 23 92 846 332

Fax Number:
+44 23 92 846 300


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